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Two Brothers / TuneBoy Tunes?

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Any of you out there with a Two Bros slip-on, using a Tune Boy? I've just fitted the pipe to my 1050 S3 and wondered if there was a better tune to go for, than the generic "aftermarket ex and SAI" tune on the TuneBoy website.


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First, there is a LOT of info on this in other threads - use the SEARCH function.

Most S3 owners never see a dyno - even the ones with TuneBoy/TuneEdit. The ones who do a bit of tuning may or may not have the same exhaust as you. If you select a less common exhaust (or any modification from stock), you are less likely to have ready made tunes available for your use.

Even then, these bikes seem to all vary a bit. A tune developed for a bike with mods just like yours may not be perfect for your bike - but it will be close, and a lot better than stock.

UNLESS you have removed the precatalyst in the header (the big exhaust restriction), most aftermarket exhausts will flow very close to the same. With the possible exception of the low mount single silencer style exhausts - I have never worked with these (yet), and do not have accurate AFR tables for these bikes with stock or modified tuning. SO I cannot say for certain.

Wayne Macdonald at Tuneboy spent a good amount of time on the dyno developing the 20088tune_dyno39.dat mapping for the 1050 Speed Triple with aftermarket exhaust. The 20102tune_dyno.dat is the same tune, but for bikes with SAI. BOTH of these tunes have modified fueling (especially in the midrange) and additional timing advance.

Will these tunes be perfect for your bike? No, but they will be a close starting point, that will work very well if you never do any tuning for yourself. I kow these tunes worked very well for my bike with both the TORS and the Trident half system. Your Two Brothers single, high mount, silencer is very much like these two exhaust systems.

Both of these files can be found and downloaded on other sites. This one does not (nor will it) have an area for downloading tunes. requires that you be a premier member to use the download section. only requires that you register.

Note - neither of these tunes are on the TuneBoy site as far as I know.

As with all tuning, your use of modified tunes implies that you know and understand the risks of using non-stock tuning.

I hope this helps.
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I didn't mean to come across as a SEARCH Nazi.
I wanted OTHERS who read the post to search first - many obviously do not.

With the tunes mentioned above, you should be close. I noticed on the dyno that even with two different exhausts, and then with the precat removed, the tunes worked well. It only required a bit of tweaking to get things right.

I have found that tuning on the street, improves driveability that will not be found on the dyno.

Expect a couple of street tunes to try in a couple of months. My bike is apart right now. Mods, mods, and more mods. :)
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