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Fwiw, since acquiring a Honda fitted with twin Fiamms, and seeing how high wandering drivers and their passengers jump even on the motorway, >:) all my bikes except the T150 have been fitted with them - T160's off the frame lug above the one used for the twins' front head-steadies, T100 on longer front tank mounting studs. Each pair of Fiamms came with a 'cube' relay - T160's mounted with other relays in the original underseat tools compartment, T100 where your earlier larger image shows a 6RA.
I'm with Stuart on this one.
I have twin Fiamms on three of my bikes, and they are loud.
Also they're pretty cheap - the last set I bought cost ~ £15/$20.
They're not the prettiest, but I'm not that bothered.
This is what they look like on my 850 Commando:

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