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Tuscany Trivia

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Here's a few pictures of an ancient abbey surrounded by vineyards in Tuscany, can you name it?

Approaching from one angle:

And departing from the other angle:

And in the distance:

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Congratulations, Tbirdnz, you are correct! I was there last summer and toured the winery/castle and bought a half dozen bottles of wine. I remember their Chianti Classico was about $13 a bottle purchased from their enoteca, when I'm back here in New York I have seen it on a restaurant's wine list at $45 a bottle.

So you have won the right to consume as much chianti and salami as you like.

Websites if anyone is interested:

A very good hotel (I have stayed here several times) that also is a winery, with farm apartments, too, in the Chianti region.

PM me for this hotel if you're interested in staying in the Chainti region of Tuscany.

and one of the best places to buy meat and also cheeses.

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....and if you are planning a trip I can turn you on to a very nice, affordable hotel in Rome.
PM me if interested.

My wife and I spent one week in Tuscany (stayed in a wonderful villa in the lovely small hilltop village of Radicondoli, off the tourist track), one week in Amalfi (see photo below) and four days in Rome.

Italy is a wondeful country, and the bike riders are total maniancs!!

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