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Tuneboy needed for wolf pipes?

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After spending a small fortune on a set of wolf underseat pipes, I asked the feller who sells them if my ecu needs a remap. Apparantly I can take it to my dealer who'll install the 'triumph underseat race' mapping. However, after speaking to my dealer he says that this *can* work, but in the past he has had huge issues with wolf pipes + Triumph mapping resulting in hideous flat spots along the rev range. My dealer said they checked *everything* wolf asked them to but at the end of the day, the only solution was to pick up a tuneboy (At £220!!!) and install a custom map. Nightmare!

After looking into the tuneboy, it seems that all it is is a serial cable and some software, which you can download anyway. Is there no way of just getting hold of the cable somewhere else, or anything? The pipes haven't arrived yet, so it *may* be OK with the triumph mapping, but if not... this is going to be a massive kick in the nuts for me. What experiences have you guys had with tuned pipes, triumph mappings and the tuneboy?
Does anyone have a cable they are willing to lend, rent or sell?

Many thanks!
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I've got Wolf underseats and the TOR high level map, seerms to work just fine! Are you sure he not just trying to flog you some extra kit.
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