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Tuneboy needed for wolf pipes?

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After spending a small fortune on a set of wolf underseat pipes, I asked the feller who sells them if my ecu needs a remap. Apparantly I can take it to my dealer who'll install the 'triumph underseat race' mapping. However, after speaking to my dealer he says that this *can* work, but in the past he has had huge issues with wolf pipes + Triumph mapping resulting in hideous flat spots along the rev range. My dealer said they checked *everything* wolf asked them to but at the end of the day, the only solution was to pick up a tuneboy (At £220!!!) and install a custom map. Nightmare!

After looking into the tuneboy, it seems that all it is is a serial cable and some software, which you can download anyway. Is there no way of just getting hold of the cable somewhere else, or anything? The pipes haven't arrived yet, so it *may* be OK with the triumph mapping, but if not... this is going to be a massive kick in the nuts for me. What experiences have you guys had with tuned pipes, triumph mappings and the tuneboy?
Does anyone have a cable they are willing to lend, rent or sell?

Many thanks!
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On 2007-01-15 09:27, martinyoung wrote:
It's not "just" a serial cable.

The current version uses a USB to OBD2 cable with a special something in the middle. You could always make your own. Ho ho.

You also need a software licence key, which alone costs £99. The licence key is ECU specific so you can't use someone else's.

If you want to use a product that someone has put time and effort into to develop, you should pay for it.
Wow. That really is steep then.

The price seems restrictivley dear if we're looking at £220 for the hardware (bear in mind you can pick up whole new PC's for £300) and £99 for the software. £100 for hardware and £50 for software would have seen me pick up the package without blinking, just for the fun of being able to remap and tinker, whereas at over £300, I'm obviously going to have a look around for alternatives.
If I end up having to pick up the package at full price, it'll mean that the underseat system has cost me well over a grand, which in hindsight would have stopped me buying it I recon.

I guess I've just got to pray that the triumph mapping works OK!!
hey fab!

yeah, that looks about right for me. My justification was that all my life I've been waiting for the big heavy and have always scrimped on previous cars and bikes. This thing costs me more than the missus, and that's saying something!!

I'll ask around at the local triumph club to see if anyone has the hardware since I only need to use it once, then pay for the software.

PS Do you ever do any work?!

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sorry, read your post wrong....
nah he doesn't eeven sell them. he said I'd have to pick it up online. I guess I'll just have to wait and see...
Hey thanks for the reply, I really appreciate the reassurance! Postage seems to be agonisingly long in coming over (sucks living on a rock sometimes), but I'll post my results as and when.

Thanks, could you let me know the outcome?

Looks like it's going to be pouring with rain for the next 4 days, anyway...
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