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Tuneboy arrived

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This mornings post.
Won't get a chance to get the key till tomorrow.
Happy, happy boy.

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tell Wayne to send you a yeller tune. :hammer: :-D
On 2007-01-22 20:28, cheapbastard wrote:
tell Wayne to send you a yeller tune. :hammer: :-D
You mean the mild one? :-D
AA, you'll have to let me know how it goes. I've been looking but I don't know enough to bite the bullet, but if theres support up the road... :-D
WOOHOO! Me too, mine was waiting for when I got home from work today!!!
So how does waiting for the key work? You have to email them for the code?
You connect the cable to the bike and get the ECU ident code. You e-mail Tuneboy the ident code and your bike's make and model. They e-mail your key back.

Insert the key code into TuneEdit, and start loading tunes.
Got mine today from the group buy. Going to have fun playing with it this weekend

Devi...stay close to the computer :jest:
On 2007-01-29 21:08, Dobieman wrote:
Got mine today from the group buy. Going to have fun playing with it this weekend

Devi...stay close to the computer :jest:
Got mine today as well. Now all I have to do is sneak the bike in the living room by the computer to tune it. While the wife is at work that is. *****, I'm dumb. Me thinks I need a cheap laptop for the bike now.... Oh well the bikes' body is at paint anyhow, and it's winter. :(

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I got mine of Friday or Saturday. Not sure which day because I didn't check the mail. If I had I could have started while my girl was away for the weekend. When she got home on Sunday she checked the mail. Opps, I didn't really want to tell her but the cat is out of the bag now.
I had already downloaded data [not tunes] from the TB site but I found it easier to remove it and load the data from the CD provided.
2 or 3 attempts later I had the ECU code and 20 minutes later the key.
I'm off work for a week or so from Wednesday so I'll play then.

Any ideas for first tweaking?
My bike is Aussie delivery, no SAI, I don't think it has a CAT and it has open reverse cone mufflers.

The dealer was supposed to instal the TOR tune but my initial download said the tune was 020101. I think that is the standard tune.

If you have TORS or other aftermarket silencers, I recommend the following tunes as a good place to start:

For non-SAI bikes - 20088tune_dyno 39

For SAI-equipped bikes - 20102tune_dyno
Same as above tune but altered for SAI servo recognition.

These tunes were developed over 39 dyno passes by Wayne Macdonald of TuneBoy with a bit more timing advance than stock. They have a raised rev limit as well.

I also suggest making sure the prime pulse is altered leaner to around 12800 for better start up, and that the speedometer correction is raised to about 107% higher (2745) for a more accurate reading. Some or all of this may already be done in the above tunes - just check the tune constants to be sure.

These are the tunes I started with, and that I suggest others try as a starting point. If you do not have a copy of these tunes, PM me your e-mail address and I can e-mail them to you.

As Emma Macdonald says, "Happy tuning"!

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Let me know how it goes, Craig. Like pome 1050 I`m keen to get one so long as there`s someone around who knows what they`re doing.
I wish it would work on a mac because I've concidered getting a macbook. I'd hate to buy pc laptop just for this :(
No see tunebwoy yet. I guess Emma mailed it in snail mail :) It's sitting is a container somewhere on the coast of africa :razz:
arrived today, got the ecu and emailed it to them.

Hope they get to me soon, i want to ride tommorow. I want change :)
There are now a few 1050 tunes available for download at

Two are Wayne Macdonald's own work. One is a variation for those who have removed SAI and the precatalyst.

I hope this helps.

I talked to the moderators here about hosting tunes, but they have a couple of good reasons for not doing so - I can't say I blame them.
OK, so I really would like to get a good set of pipes. Dealer says that they can get the tune close even without a TB. He says unless you REALLY need to get it dead on track ready, it will not be that far off using a Triumph after market tune. He says to first try it without the TB, I could always get a TB later. Now questions,
1)Where to get a TB at a far price?
2)How close will it be w/out a TB
3)TB looks confusing and Blue Flame says TB's customer service sux, how hard is it to figure out.
4)If I get a TB where do I start.
5) Dealer does not have a dyno how do I get is right

The bike is bad azz as is, I don't want to drop $1000 on pips and $400+ on a TB and end up........
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