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As usual i had thought of that after i finished....

I can't honestly remember what exact process i used- it seemed to short cut quite a bit from all the info i gained leading up to this...

No fancy drivers reqd, just load Tune ecu, connect your cable to the computer (windows XP), accept, then connect to bike , switch on ignition and muck about.........took about 15 mins in all. Didn't reset Tps as everything appeared fine on screen.

My biggest problem was carrying the screen and mini mac backwards and forwards as i forgot to clear my O2 sensor...... i need a laptop! :rolleyes:
Reconnecting and altering takes minutes after the initial load.

I'm sure i must have missed bits but thats all i can remember doing...i was paranoid i was going to fry my bikes ecu but i sucked out the initial program and uploaded a new one to suit the Scorpion low boy.
(BTW-with the silencer insert in = no popping and smooth, but, with it removed- loud, popping and slightly lumpy..)
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