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On 2006-12-04 18:20, Rik wrote:
Micky - My girlfriend is around 7 1/2 stone and about 5'7". She occasionally rides pillion for trips lasting an hour or two and finds the seat comfortable enough. It's nowhere near as radical for a pillion as an R1 etc.,
Her only complaint is if we nip on to the motorway for a stretch as it can get a bit windy for her at 80mph+ if I forget she's there and crouch down :blush: . A quick bang on the lid and I sit up to protect her from the wind-blast again and she's happy enough :) .
We spend most of our time on A & B roads and she loves it :-D
My speed four is my first street bike, out of all the 600cc that I looked at it was the most real world, plus the insurance and title/reg was a lot lower than the others.

Rik: What kind of stones are we talking about here? haha
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