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I have a 2001 TT600. I've had it from new, and it's always been fine up to about a year ago. Last summer it developed an intermittent hot-starting problem.

The bike will always start if it's reading less than 80 degrees, and usually start if it's reading over 90, but if I stop the bike for a short while and then try to re-start it when the engine is still hot. (For instance nipping into a shop on the way home, buying a few items and straight out again) it won't start, until it's cooled below 80 degrees. This isn't a problem when it's only left a few seconds.

Any ideas?

It also occasionally won't start first time from cold, but if I turn off the bike, open the fuel cap, close it and then try again it always starts. Usually this isn't needed and it start first time from cold.

The bike has 33k on the clock and has been dealer serviced according to recommendations.

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