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i'm having trouble getting my 03' speedy to fire when starting and even more trouble keeping it firing when it does. can anyone give me the correct routing concerning the the entire starting process and firing order. i'm searching for a distributor that i'm beginning to think doesn't exist at all. is there one or is it something different all together? if i can find the distributor or it's functioning twin i'd like to check the rotary button and see if it's a fairly quick fix intead of jumping rt into my timing chain(i don't think that's it considering the bike runs great if i could just get the F*cker to start) also i know it's kind of a shot in the dark but if any happens to know the correct compression for each of the cylinder heads, i'd greatly appreciate those numbers. if anyone has any suggestions on what else i should check while i've got this thing halfway broken down i'd love the help.



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No distributor or rotor button. It is done by an ECU [engine control unit] all electronic.

Maybe change your plugs.

Not sure about the compression but get the bike to a Triumph workshop so they can use their diagnostic tool on it[basically a small computer]. Don't muck around with the timing chain.

One of your US buddies on this site should be able to advise on a good workshop in your area.

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