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Trophyn vibes

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Just thought I'd run this past you,my 94 Trophy triple is fine solo ,but two up and i get heavy vibrations.
Chain tension seems fine (I suspected it might be tight) but it still vibes when we are free wheeling.
Next thought was a plug breaking down under load? Any ideas appreciated (and my pillion is only 10 stone )
Merry Christmas by the way! :cool:
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could still be the chain, both of you sit on the bike and get someone to check the tension, any extra weight will tighten up a tight chain even more,other thing to check could be tyre pressure, dont think it would be engine related as at 10 stone your hardly over stessing it unless you weigh 20 stone of course, suspension may be needing a stiffer position for pillion. apart from that I dont know.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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