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Trophyn vibes

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Just thought I'd run this past you,my 94 Trophy triple is fine solo ,but two up and i get heavy vibrations.
Chain tension seems fine (I suspected it might be tight) but it still vibes when we are free wheeling.
Next thought was a plug breaking down under load? Any ideas appreciated (and my pillion is only 10 stone )
Merry Christmas by the way! :cool:
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Thanks both of you.
Dave im not thinking it might be wheelbearings because it seems to ease if I freewheel with the clutch in.
And Doodlebug ,yep I think that chain tension may be part of the problem,and the reason I posted was partly to see if anyone else had experience of this two up.
Hmmmm I guess if I dont stiffen the rear suspension ,it will put strain on the drivechain. thats pretty well what I suspected.
I need to sort it though as the tension will put strain on the bearings.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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