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Iv already asked this question on the trophy forum ,to no avail,so I thought I'd ask here.
Has anyone tried and liked any replacement (non Triumph) cans on a 94 Trophy?
Im after a bit more sound,not a plod magnet.
Iv seen a pair of A.R.T on a Trident ,but didnt get chance to speak to the rider.
A.R.T didnt get back to me when I e-mailed so they may have gone down the pan or something,
Anyway anyone know of anything?
Cheers :)

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I've got Scorpion carbon cans on my S3 T3 and they do what you have descibed with the decibel killers in..they weigh loads lighter than the stock stainless stuff and give just slightly more bark than standard look good too, I ve heard the same for no matter what finish you go for, also Sprint manufacturing do a range of cans that might be worth a look too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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