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Trophy 1200 Specifications

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G'day to all

This may have been asked before but as there are so many entries in this forum I think it would be easier to ask again.

I've read some where, and have been told by a semi reliable source, that the 91/92 Trophy 1200 was fitted with the Daytona 1200 spec engine. That is 145 HP which was then dropped to 125 HP before being dropped to the accepted 107/108 HP from 93ish on wards.

Does anyone have any idea if any of this is true?

Reason being is I've always loved big powerful naked bikes such as the XJR 1300, GSX 1400 and 1200 Bandit etc. But as good as these bikes are they are not me beloved Triumphs. So I want to to strip an early 1200 trophy of it's fairing etc, add had head light/brackets etc and a set of bar mounted mirrors and take it from there. I would prefer as many HP as possible in standard trim with out having to change cams on anything electronic if possible.


Markus :???:
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I've heard such things too but have always wondered how a Trophy built before '93 could possibly have a "Daytona spec" 1200 engine when the 1200 Daytona didn't exist until '93.
Hi Markus,

I think the early 1200 Trophy up to ‘96 was called a “Trophy 4” and its engine was claimed at around 125bhp.

The early Daytonas were 1000c until they brought out the 1200 in late ’93. Compared to the Trophy it had higher compression and longer duration “red” cams from the 1000cc Daytonas and made claimed at 147bhp.

The Trophies from 1996 onwards were detuned for tractability and were a claimed 107bhp, actually making about 95rwhp.

I have a Daytona Engine in my Trophy, and that puts out just short of 130rwhp.

If you are after a powerful naked bike, start with a Daytona. This site has a recent “naked” conversion that looks really good:

click here

I prefer the look of the bodywork on the latter Trophies; the Daytona was a bit of slab around the seat area.


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