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Okay just for the fun of it I thought I'd do a triva quiz (can you tell I'm bored)

  1. Where was the press launch of the Daytona 600?
  2. What color schemes were available on the 2001 Thunderbird Sport?
  3. What does T3 mean?
  4. How many cc's was the first Speed Triple
  5. What was the original model lineup when the first Hinckley Triumph's were launched?
  6. What performance car has the same diamter pistons as the Rocket III?
  7. How do you know if you have the right amount of fork oil in your 2004 Sprint ST when refilling them?
  8. Why are the exhaust header pipes linked together on a 2000 speed triple?
  9. Why might bobshields55 have taken hairspray and dishwashing liquid into his workshop?
  10. Why do some members from northen climes use a product with a strange beach related name each year?
  11. What bit of fuel system plastic used to break on the 955 bikes - later fixed by a recall?
  12. Where does the term "cafe racer" come from?
  13. what slippery subject is likely to reappear on any and every motorcycle forum on a regular basis?
  14. when was the Daytona Deliberations forum created?
  15. Who are the "purple helmets"?
  16. Why are TriumphRAT members Archimedes and MickMaguire unable to "carry" in Vermont?

No prizes or anything - most (but not all) answers can be found on TriumphRAT

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OK Mick ol' Chum, yer' on....

1. The Ally Pally in London
2. Orange and White
3. the terminal where the green wire goes on an '02 Trophy 1200 starter relay
4. 900
5. Sprint, Trophy, Daytona
6. '69 Fury 111 w/440 cop engine, cop exhaust, cop tires and cop suspension
7. none spilling out the top and none left in the bottle
8. So the exhaust flow from the cylinders balances
9. Because it was Friday night and Bob has a secret.......
10. Because they are addled by the cold and think all that snow is sand
11. Fuel line connector
12. London in the 60's, Ton Up Boyz racing around the ring Road and hanging out in truck stops
13. tbirdnz'z embarrassing proclivities with sheep..
14. 2001
15., Really Mick...this is a family site. The AUP applies to you as well
16. A Tune...

There now, What do I win????


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Gosh – tough questions there, Mick.
Oh well, here goes…

1. On the right handlebar just below the light off/on switch.
2. Two-tone rust and "OMG I’m going too fast" brown.
3. The third degree.
4. 3/5 Gill laxative vodka.
5. Joanna Lumley and Dianna Dors.
6. Sir Malcolm Campbel's "Blue Bird".
7. When your mechanic best mate says "that’s fine".
8. Because the designer always wanted a KH750.
9. To persuade his wife to go pillion.
10. Because they don't have emery paper in Canada.
11. The fuel system memory module – geddit!
12. From the days when gentlemen had to get to the café first to beat the OAPs to the buttered scones.
13. Why Triumph reps can't ever find their way to a promotional event.
14. By accident following a heavy drinking session down at the beach.
15. AUP applies.
16. Because donkeys and hamsters are illegal.

Hey, did I beat Steven? (Shucks - he got the jump on me again!)

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2. I might be wrong here but the Thunderbird Sport wasn't offered in 2001, but the 2000 version was Opal White & Tangerine

4. 885cc

5. When they were launched in the US in '95:
Trophy 900 & 1200
Daytona 900 & 1200
Trident 900
Sprint 900
Tiger 900
Daytona 900 Super III
Thunderbird 900
not sure of the lineup when launched, 750 & 1000 Daytonas?

6. Dodge Viper

13. The use of motorcycle specific oils vs. automotive oils in bike


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13. tbirdnz'z embarrassing proclivities with sheep..

That answer is definitely incorrect, it's just a vicious rumour put out by that Hawaiian reprobate, er expatriate.

The correct answer oily ice or is it icey oil ?

No prize for you Stevent !

Ride on ! :)

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C'mon chaps!

tba-golfer: 0/16
stevent: 4/16
daytonacharlie:3.5/16 (.5 cos 1 was just really close)

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Well, looks like we have a clear winner here lads....

You pikers may now commence genuflecting and fawning at will while I stand here looking bored......... :cool:

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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3. refers to the carburated line of Hinkley Triumphs (mostly 95-96 in the US)
4. 885
5. Trident, Trophy, Daytona originally
8. Same reason they are on the early speed triples
12. Bikers used to ride from cafe to cafe, often trying to reach "the ton"
13. OIL or TIRES
15. I assume a stunt riding group?
16. Criminal Records

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Hmm... did I make this too hard or what?
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