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Lets call the rally "Triumphs in Taos at Red River". After many years of hoping the Kachina Lodge would be able to find resources to up their room quality we have come to the conclusion that the rally riders would have a more enjoyable experience in Red River! We may be back at the Kachina Lodge someday, but I'm sure it will be after new owners have brought it up to a higher standard. I do want to thank the wonderful staff at the Kachina Lodge for their work in accommodating us over the last decade!!! Cheryl and the front staff did all they could! Pam and I looked around in Taos, but only found one possible Motel with the appropriate accommodations. It proved to be too small and was sold out already for that weekend due to a "Barn Dance" in town.
So, after a warm welcome from the new owners of The Alpine lodge, we realized the Alpine Lodge should be great fit for our group! The Lodge is going through a remodel this spring. It all should be done by September.
Here's some highlights of the rally in Red River:
1) Motorcycle parking is near your room, motor lodge style.
2) We will have the fire on Friday & Saturday night, weather permitting, next to the river. Don't call it a creek,
the Red River folks don't like that! haha
3) Lots of food choices in Red River. A block away from the lodge is a new brewery, looks classy!
4) Red River (as we all know) is on the "Enchanted loop", so it should make riding choices easy.
5) Dates stay the same, September 7-8-9th.
6) Alpine Lodge # (575) 562-8311 Ask for the 10% Triumph Rally discount.
7) Address: 417 W Main Street Red River,NM
8) The Alpine Lodge has lots of room choices. Rates will start at $89.99 (includes the discount) and go up from there.
9) Weather for the rally should be 70 for the high/ 38 for the low, Chance of rain.
10) What's # 10, everything seems to be neatly packaged in groups of ten. Oh, Rally cost. Knew I was missing
something! How about $20 which will cover the shirt, firewood and hopefully Mike on the guitar for
Saturday night. Let's all just get together at one of the eateries for a group dinner on Saturday night,
easy. Hopefully everyone will then eat what they want! I'll soon get up pay-pal on my email.
Blue Skies, Andy (505)314-3370 cell [email protected]

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Very nice Andy... thanks for searching out a new location in the Taos area. As most of us are aware, Red River is a neat little town that we've all ridden through on our way up to Angel Fire and beyond.

This location sounds awesome and I'm sure the attendees will be much happier at the Alpine Lodge in Red River... :doublethumb

I will be in touch regarding Durango in June... hopefully things will work out as I'm heading over to Utah. All the best to you and Pam.


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Looks great Andy! Thanks. Made my reservation, I have a room. However, in your above post regarding #6. I tried and tried and tried the number you listed for the Alpine Lodge... and the folks at Santa Teresa Powersports kept answering! how rude :) So I used the number (800) 252-2333 listed on their web page
Something to note when making the reservation. Payment is required at that time of 50% now and the rest 60 days before arrival. Cancellation Policy: Should you need to cancel for any reason (health, work, schedules, weather, etc.), 75% of your deposit will be refunded only if your room is re-rented for the exact same days. To help protect our guests, Alpine Lodge & Suites offers travel protection insurance at either 7 or 9%. Looking forward to seeing everyone again :)
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