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Thanks to everyone from this forum who attended and made it a succesful event. It was only ever planned as a get-together for regulars but I ended up with quite a few from my local pack to make up the numbers. Amongst the various Triumph Models attending we had 4 S3`s.It was great to put some faces to some of the names I`ve met from various forums. DaveM has done quite a good write up with some pics, on the Sprint forum, here`s a link to it. Thanks also to 'amberale' for coming, who Davo forgot to mention. ride out

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Bloddy well done Matey.
It was great fun. Sorry I arrived too later to order food up the mountain. The cafe and its owner deserve a story all of their own.

After a 5 am start I was starting to feel a bit knackered and split for a quick ride home.
Was that Stevethechef on the yellow RS? He wasn't wasting time on the run home.

It was great to see 15 trumpies blasting around the mountain and not one leaking oil! My old man won't believe me.
Great to meet you folks and looking forward to the weekday runs in the new year.

Thanks a lot Rob

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