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I'll try this again:

On 2007-01-11 10:41, jstark47 wrote:
Being billed on the Triumph USA site as "Bike Week for the Rest of Us". Anybody know what this is about? I'm curious, as my local dealer is not listed as a participating dealer. Just a marketing gimmick without substance, or is something going to happen worth seeing?

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Anyone besides me curious about this?

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TBA's got it, for the US, motorcycles in the public mind are Harley's for the rest of us, the actual riders it is Triumphs !

A long time friend bought me a book for Christmas.
'The 500 Series' 500 Great Photos of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles by Patrick Hook.

Not a book I would have bought myself but I like it, I found it interesting, however still not going to buy one.

Ride on ! :)
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