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I have a 2005 Triumph T100 with 1000 miles. I don't get a chance to use her much but she is garaged and I take good care of her. I live in Houston Texas and went to start up the bike after a month or so of idle time. She started OK but I had a problem with the right cylinder back firing quite a bit. I let her warm up and when this did not stop took her for a ten minute spin to fully warm the bike. She still was back firing and this would happen most going from an idle to 1500 rpms. I noticed gases coming out from the top of the carburetor and from the seal from the carburetor manifold to the cylinder intake. It looked and smelled like unburned gas and air. Unfortunately this did not stop after warm up although it seemed to decrease somewhat. Also I have the Triumph after market pipes on the bike and the bike has been tuned up by an authorized dealer. She ran well up until recently. One other item I noticed is the same right hand side exhaust’s side is not as blue as the left. I don’t know if this is related or not.

Does anyone have any feedback on this. If this done not stop I will take it to the dealer again but the uneven bluing and back firing concerns me so I wanted to see from the Triumph community if there are any suggestions.

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Get a can of "Sea Foam" from your nearest auto parts/supply and pour some in the gas tank, according to the ratio on the can.

Run through the whole tank of gas as quickly as you can (minding speed limits, of course), and you should notice it running better and better 'till it's back to normal.
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