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Triumph summer Windscreen mounting and photos

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Can any of you point me to or post photos of your Bonneville with the factory summer screen in place and possible photos of the mounting hardware.

I'm thinking of getting one and want to make sure the mounts will not interfere with any thing I've put on my stock bars.

Also how can the mounting brackets betaken off one they are mounted and how easily?

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These aren't the best pics, but I bought two Bonnevilles last year both with wind screens. The green Bonnie has the Roadster Screen and the red one has the Summer Screen. They both mounted the same. One set of brackets bolted to the underside of the top of the triple tree, and the other brackets attached to the side of the headlight with the headlight bolts. Not too hard to remove, but like merlin said not a quick on/off. I hope the pics turn out ok and are some help.

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