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As Brooksie suggests, whatever bags you use, get the panel protectors. They work great and look okay even when your soft luggage is removed.

I have the Triumph soft saddlebags and tank bag. The saddlebags work well even at 140+ kph (apparently the Triumph legal beagles say you should not exceed 130 kph with the bags on the bike). They have integrated rain covers and are expandable. They snap in place in seconds, though you do need to fit a cover over the passenger seat. You also need to retain the rear turn indicators for the panel protector clips (I am still trying to figure out how to fit an undertail and retain a means to attach the panel protectors at the back end).

The tank bag is okay, but the pad has to stay in place when the bag is removed...and it looks like hell. I am going to rig a quick release set up for the pad and bag over the winter so that you can remove the entire works when you don't need it.

Both the saddle bags and the tank bag are expensive but I think they are a worthwhile investment to give some touring and commuting flexibility.

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