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On 2006-12-07 13:33, ender wrote:
The other day I thought about a trip to Alaska that my friend and our significant others are going to embark on a little later in life. So I got to thinking about a comfortable ride to add to the stable at that time, when I am a bit older. I love the Rocket but it lacks what we call around here a 'dresser' model. I know they have the touring at $16399, but if you start out with a base RIII at $14,999 and Corbin sells the fairing for $1199 and the side bags for $1499 giving us $17697.....but at H-D you can get a base Electra-glide for $16K all the way up to a full on Gold-Wing fighter for $33 from their CVO which are all I saw when crossing the Rockies on a trip to California this past summer. There is obviously a market, but does it belong only to H-D??

SO on to my question; What are the odds that Triumph would build a Rocket Dresser, complete with radio, hard bags and trunk, electrical outlets, optional heated seats...all the things that make you think you should have bought a car instead??
Corbin's fairing is nice as is their saddle bags. I have leather like on my R3 and they do not look as nice as the corbins, but they hold more and cost alot less. The R3 is going to ride a lot nice for a long trip like that. I would venture to say a lot less vibration and much more power. I was thinking of a trip to Alaska in a couple of years myself. Let us know what you decide. Lee
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