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Most manufacturers create a number of models from a base model to expand their range and fill in the gaps and Triumph is no different. Cases in point: The standard original Bonneville has spurned three or four other models, the America, one other model and the Rocket, one other model. Then there is the Daytona 955/Speed Triple/Sprint connection etc etc.

It would take little extra tooling for Triumph to develop a full dresser from the Rocket, just as it could develop a Speed Triple 675 from the Daytona 675, an all roads adventure tourer with 21" front wheel from the new Tiger 1050, and an enlarged Speedmaster 1200 from the existing 865.

However a company like Triumph does not have the resourses of a company like Honda who can introduce many new models every year so me methinks that the next revised model (call it new if you like) will be an updated open class Daytona sporting 1100cc with a claimed output of somewhere between 160HP and 170HP with a mountain of torque.

But..., if you were on the new model stategic planning team at Triumph my guess is that you would be more interested in developing new models that can be dumped into the biggest selling segment in the worlds biggest market. For this reason my guess is that the next new model from Triumph will be something that bridges the gap between the America/Speedmaster and the Rocket.

Whether this takes the form of a bored out Speedmaster (like a 1200 Sportster as compared to a 883 Sportster) or a scaled down Rocket II of about 1500cc capacity remains to be seen. My hope is that it be an entirely new model... an air/oil cooled vertical twin of about 1600cc, shaft drive with similar architecture/style to the existing twins and producing over 90hp with good torque.

Oh Mr Bloor, while on the subject, could we have a midsize all roads adventure bike using the D675 mill please. Target weight, 175kg, 110hp, 21" front and 18" rear. Sturdy rear subframe, optional aluminium pannier boxes. What a tasty alternative to the KTM990's and R1200GS-A's of this world such a bike as the Tiger 675 would be! Bring it on! Davo
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