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Bigern: I have a 70 T150, and replacing the Amals with a set of Mikuni's from Sudco was the best thing I ever did! The bike starts almost every time on the first kick, idles perfectly in about 30 seconds, and best of all has not fouled a single set of plugs in almost 3000 miles. I even tried replacing the old Amals with new ones, and spent a fortune on jets, and slide cutaway angles to no avail. Nowthe bike gets over 40 mpg, and will out accelerate, as well as out run a new Honda 750 Nighthawk. The stock air cleaner assembly adapted perfectly in the intake throats of the Mikunis. Most people don't even know I've made the swap unless they look closely. Send me your email addy, and I'll send you some photos so you can see how clean an install it is. I'm at [email protected]. By the way, we are neighbors, as I live in Edmond, OK. Cheers, tommyturbo2
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