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you need either a sportsbike or different friends to ride with.

taller gearing may mean higher speed but you sacrifice acceleration. if you want the eternal quest for more, get a 1000cc big bore kit, taller gears, lower profile, bigger carbs, a blower, 17" front to carve, more brakes, fairing, better paycheck. and dye your hair blue...that chase never ends.

I knew a HD guy back in the 60s who built beautiful custom bikes...absolutely first rate, but had a "thing" for riceburners...his pride insisted he build a HD that would put the Jap bikes in their rightful subordinate place...he did manage to build a faster HD, but ended up eating mescaline and putting pistons thru thin cylinder walls...last time I saw him, he was on a Ninja. apparently found peace with himself.

if your ego needs to thrash them, get a S BMW...or something relavant...otherwise you're in the vintage racer class.

the Bonneville is monkey love and dirty sex... she does things she doesn't want her mom to know.

...and someone tell Hugh Hefner the truth...they just want his money...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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