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Save up the money from your mods and buy a second-hand sportsbike for those rides.

The bonnie will never keep up with the the sporties.

I had an R1 not long ago, but I sold it and bought a bonnie. The R1 was an extrememly comfortable, reliable, awesome machine that demanded respect everywhere - but it was just a disposable bike. You need to buy a new one every year to keep with that game.

A bonnie is a keeper, it the one you fall in love with rather than the one-night stand.

I was going through about 3 bikes a year til I got my bonnie!

True, I don't ride in as many groups now because almost every bike is faster than the bonnie - even a little plastic fantastic 250 would probably kill a bonnie - an the big groups don't really want to wait for a lawn mower all the time.

Nevertheless, there are heaps of people to ride with, triumph groups and old farts clubs - seek them.

The boniie is coooooool. There's no substitute for that.
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