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It is winter, it is raining and miserable, and I have been sliding around and splashing through puddles. That is all fine and good, but I was editing some pictures, moving pictures around, and I got to looking at some pictures from this last summer, as well as a few from the summer before. Anyway, here are some of them. I hope others will post track pictures, too, since winter here is wet and cold, and it will be April or May before I get a track fix again. All you turkeys in warm climates be sure to rub it in by posting pictures this month and in December and January so us cold, wet people can live vicariously!

Here is the TT600 on its last day in 2005.

Here it is again, probably the lap before it blew up. I am pretty sure that the red GSXR was right behind me when it made its swarm of metal gnats and a big smoke screen.

This is the first time out on the Daytona 675. No track plastic and the old suit that put a choke hold on my neck on the 675. The TT600 was big enough that I didn't need to be as flexible.

The same bike, only this time later in the summer with track plastic and the new (new to me, anyway) suit.

This picture is from 2005, the day my bike blew. The red bike is Doug, on his 2000 TT600, followed by Evo on his Daytona 600. I bought that TT600 from Doug about three days later, since he was moving out of the country.

I am looking forward to seeing track pictures from the rest of you all. These were all taken at Pacific Raceway.
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