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Following on from a previous thread about suspected 8-stroking on my TR7V...

A bit of a breakthrough in terms of diagnostics. After checking absolutely everything and concluding that it was 8-stroking, it appears I was wrong. I tried to listening to hear whether cylinder 1 and cylinder 2 were indeed firing. Cylinder 1 (left side) was not. So I switched the plugs over to see whether the symptoms travelled to the other cylinder...and they did not....Cylinder 1 was still not firing!! The odd thing is that I am getting a spark in both cylinders (I've got a spark-checker placed in between the plug caps and spark plugs). So perhaps the electrics are, unlike I previously thought...ok.

The carb has had new jets fitted but is set up to the settings that it has always ran on...(except a .250 main jet instead of a .260 seeing as I thought it was eight stroking and potentially running too rich).

I have just removed the cylinder head and decoked the engine. I also set all the valve clearances to their recommended distances...Perhaps I didn't lap the valves thoroughly enough. New piston rings fitted of course and I can feel plenty of compression on the kicker...could just be from cylinder 2 I suppose..

Any ideas?
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