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Hey Barber....Nice find..Anything can be fixed with time and money...just getting the two together at the same time can be an issue..
Not much different to mine when I first got it...but get stuck in do it...write what you list was a long one...and get stuck in over time..
I dont know how hard things are to find over there...not to difficult I suggest you never know what swapmeets or auto jumbles have at them.
I had a problem finding the right tank for mine when I did it but I got a hold of a later one and it looks fine..I have different custom side covers since the photo as well....I know mine isnt 100% original...but..At the end of the day it only has to please one person..

Good luck
Hi GavTR6RV,

Is that a TLS front brake fitted to your bike?
If so, could you tell be how you fitted the brake plate stay into the forks. I wouldn't find doing something similar on my 72.


21 - 21 of 21 Posts