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This is a repost from an earlier item:
Ever since I got my '05 Tiger a year ago, I have not been satisfied with the ergonomics of the footpegs. I am tall, 6'5", with long legs and found I needed to rotate the shift lever down to obtain a more comfortable shift location. When I did this, I found that my boot rested at an angle on the front edge of the footpeg, rather than the top of the peg. I began to look around for an alternative and saw the post about the use of the Buell footpegs, but felt that lowering the footpeg would not solve the problem. I looked at other Triumph models and felt that the Thruxton was the best bet as the peg was angled down and the mounting was very similar. I purchased a set of Thruxton footpegs ($62/each) from my local Triumph dealer and with a little re-engineering (enlarge the bolt hole, add a dob of weld to the end tang with carefull filing) mounted the pegs. I really like the result. The riding position is more natural, I have a little more room between the footpeg and the shift lever for my boot and I have a bit more leg room. They are also a bit narrower than the stock peg which helps when moving the bike around when seated on it.

I have placed links to the before and after pictures below.

Tiger shift w/ Thruxton peg

Tiger shift w/ stock peg

Tiger brake w/ Thruxton peg

Tiger brake w/ stock peg
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