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I had a simple job today, replace my chaincase with a chrome unit I purchased off a member recently. Figured aboout an hour job. Drained the oil, removed the cover with no problems. Cleaned off all old gasket, installed new gasket, case, bolted everything up, replaced oil-great! Starter wouldn't turn!
Drained oil again, removed cover, found the 3" shaft the idler gear runs on had come out of its bore in the back of the case, and the gear was jammed into the case. Managed to get it free, couldnt get shaft back in without filing out burrs in hole. Finally got gear installed properly, put case back on, starter checks Ok, put oil back in- s***t, forgot to put the gasket back. Drain oil, take case off, instal gasket, put all back together, fill with oil, realise wave washer that goes on end of idler shaft is sitting in the bottom of the oil pan. Redrain oil, take case off, install washer, refill with oil, realise I forgot seal washer on oil drain plug. Drain oil, replace washer, refill. It is now 6 hours since I started. FRom now on, dull alloy suits me fine. :mad:
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