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I have an 07 Bonneville w/ TORs. Air injection is removed, airbox is still intact. Main jets are whatever Triumph ships with those pipes; I believe 115s? Pilots are 42s. I want to try some of those nasty BC Predators out. Will my current jets be ok? Any other install tips? Thanks
Ha!Ha! Why stop there man? I did mine in baby steps. First, I went stock with TOR's VERRRY modest gain..mostly better sound.

Then I removed the A/ gain there. Just better b'cause of the decrease in exhaust temps.

Then, I went with airboxectomy & K&N pods on the stock carbs W/BC SLEEPERS...HUGE GAIN IN PERFORMANCE!:D

Then, I ditched the stock carbs for Keihin CR carbs. ANOTHER HUGE GAIN. Albeit in a slightly different way. If you ride with revs above 4K, just the addition of the CR's adds substantially to the mix. Or even if you're feelin' cocky and want to pull hard off the the line..the CR's will bring a grin to your face.

No more hoses going nowhere, no more unnecessary wires. CLEAN.:D

My advice from one who has spent the money in small increments is, to go all the way and be done.:D

OOPS< that is to say, without digging into the engine. If you want to pull wheelies, then you'll obviously need to do that.

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