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I want to start working on my Speed Twin. No mechanical experience and not sure where to start with which tools to buy. Preferable I want to get sets which I can use in other domains (my car possibly stuff around the house) so future investment. Hoping to get a few questions answered:

Are SAE*tool sizes interchangeable with metric tools? In other words, will I have to buy both sets of tools? Am I safe with all metric tools these days?

primary goals:decat, oil change, camshaft (in the next year or two).

These sets I’ve compiled (searching this forum) cover all the sizes I need? Are the sets missing anything? I have 0 tools right now except a good quality Torque wrench (random, yes)

Socket and Rachet set

These are the sizes available

45-pc 1/4-3/8-inch Drive
47-pc 3/8-inch Drive
55-pc. 1/4 inch Drive
58-pc 1/2-inch Drive
84-pc 1/2-inch Drive

Which drive size should I get. Should I get the biggest size then use an adapter? Is it useless to go with the 84-pc 1/2-inch Drive or is the 45 pc enough for the triumph.

I also found this for extra bits

TEKTON 2840 Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set, 105-Piece

Wrench Set

This one has a swing arm. Is this a gimmick that will break or something standard/useful?,tools,229&sr=1-6&th=1

(1) 1/4, (1) 5/16, (1) 3/8, (1) 7/16, (1) 1/2, (1) 9/16, (1) 5/8, (1) 11/16, (1) 3/4, (1) 13/16, (1) 7/8, (1) 15/16, (1) 1 inch, (1) Roll-up storage pouch

Allen Keys Sets

These are allen keys. Should I consider getting the allen bits too? Or are the keys usually fine.,tools,306&sr=1-5

Oil Filter Wrench,aps,138&sr=8-12

uxcell® 65mm Dia Oil Filter Socket Wrench 14 Flutes. I found this size for another Triumph on the forum. Are they all the same?

Dealer Tools

Any tools I will need from the dealer?


Any adapters required with above tools?

Torque Wrench


Paddock stand

Comes with the 8mm spools (used on Speed Twin)


You see a lot of Tekton above. Did some research and it appears good value i.e low price decent quality for hand tools from what I’ve read.

Missing anything?

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Everything on WC Triumphs is metric. If you're just working on your Speed Twin, you won't need SAE stuff.

Start with a 3/8 drive socket set. Make sure you get a couple different lengths of extensions. You'll almost never need extra-deep sockets, so don't bother with them to start. I would definitely recommend a set of metric hex/allen sockets, but a set of metric hex/allen key/wrenches is also really handy to have.

You'll want a thin-wall 14mm spark plug socket. Get one with the foam insert that hangs onto the spark plug. For oil filters I use a 64mm 14-flute, but 65mm will probably work too.

Next, a set of metric combination wrenches. The gearwrench style "ratcheting" ones seem like a cool idea, but in the situations where a socket won't work there never seems to be enough clearance to use gearwrench ones. So, just get normal combination wrenches.

After that, I'd probably recommend a 1/4" drive socket set.
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