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not wanting to carry my good primary set of tools in daily shop use, I went shopping for some I could lose or have stolen without losing sleep.

Harbor Freight had a 22 piece set of metric/SAE wrenches in tool roll for $ that price you could use them as tomato stakes and still be ahead...also picked up an allen set (metric/SAE) for $5, and proceeded to put a motorcycle tool kit together, using the tool roll as a base.

the pouch at top right is a Smith & Wesson leatherman type from Grizzley for under $ it goes (across the picture top L-R) 4" knife, tire gauge, shock adjuster, the needlenose "Leatherman" with a usable file, metric and American rulers, and other, including the holder to hold all the bits in the red carrier.

in the tool roll L-R, I filled the SAE wrench slots with 6" 1/4" extention, 1/4" drive sockets-5-14mm, combination 3/8" & 1/4" angle ratchet, tire irons, 10" cressent that opens to 32mm (1 1/4"), 6" cressent opens to 20mm (13/16"), mini channel-locks, combo screwdriver with big and small Phillips, big and small Stewart, 1/4" & 5/16" nut driver, allen set from 1.3-10mm, extra black wire ties, and combo wrenches from 6-19mm (all but 15 & 18mm included).

the 10mm allen with the green screwdriver handle doubles as a small usable hammer.

have yet to find a small tire pump I like and patch kit...may get something for a bicycle.

I don't know the bottom line price for this set as shown, but it's minimal and yet a nice selection in an emergency...I still need a spark plug socket and a couple other things...but I saw someone else had posted his well thought out kit that tucked into the air box...I thought was pretty slick. this set is bulkier, and goes in a rear case.

I'm curious to see what others have come up with ...especially what I missed as far as essentials.
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