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TomTom Rider GPS on 05+ ST

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I'm interested in the TomTom Rider and would welcome any information on its installation on the 05+ ST. I did a search on the forum and couldn't find anything useful.

Will it fit without any hassles using the mounting kit included in the box, or is there to be much stuffing around?

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Sounds like its already been said, but...

Garmin is the leader in Navigation for aircraft. My wife and I have used them for years...well, more my wife than me. Anyhow, I've just installed a Garmin c330 and a RAM mount on my 02 ST, and for the price I'm extremely pleased with it. The Garmin Zumo 550 is the cats meow! It is specifically made for motorcycles and even comes with a motorcycle mount.

A couple highlights noted. The c330 is fairly intuitive and extremely useful. Although it cannot be connected to your helmet's comm system (unlike the Zumo550), the display can be seen easily while riding down the road. It will zoom in as you begin to slow down or near a turn so that you can see more details around your turn. It has an auto color display from day to night. Moreover, at any point you can click on fuel, resturaunt, lodging, or anything else you can think of and it will offer a number of suggestions within a given area.

I've asked several dealers about the various GPS's and it seems they rarely ever see a Garmin come back for replacement or repairs.

Hope this helps
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