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TomTom Rider GPS on 05+ ST

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I'm interested in the TomTom Rider and would welcome any information on its installation on the 05+ ST. I did a search on the forum and couldn't find anything useful.

Will it fit without any hassles using the mounting kit included in the box, or is there to be much stuffing around?

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Hey there

Yep I'm in the Blue Mountains - you know that bit currently pretending to be a big cigarette?

My Sprint is a MY06 red one.

Have fun on your ride this weekend. Just remember that the fire has caused a road closure on Bells Line of Road, so you'll have to tag behind the line of 4WDs on the Great Western Highway to Bathurst. As for me, I'm going camping at The Basin with the better half :) Thanks for the invite though.
Only reason I ask is that I have a TomTom One for the car and it works great here in Australia. TomTom Riders are also available pretty much anywhere (even department stores), and relatively affordable.

(I'd get a RAM mount for the TomTom One if they made one - any ideas?)

Looks like the Garmins are 50-100% dearer than the TomToms in Australia. (Just FYI, the Triumph branded Garmin is AUD$2500ish!)

ruscook: MY06 = manufacturing year 06 :)
Thanks for the links stbadge. Looks like you had to move the switchblock and grip out several millimetres to make room for the mounting clamp - is this correct?

On 2006-11-24 11:10, stbadge wrote:
Azicat, i have put mine here with a few small adjustments using the mounts in the box.

There are also other options on ebay,
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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