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Tommaselli Clip ons came today via England /Moto Guzzi Dealer

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Finally got the adjustable 52mm clip ons from my favorite Italian parts maker today in the mail ! They are beautiful, and I will get them on ASAP. Having suffered a slight stroke last Tuesday I am somewhat slowed having spent most of last week in the Hospital . No fun. My Neurologist hates motorcycles and she told me I should quit riding them and related several horror stories of her internship and motorcyclist's
brain damage. I did not tell her I was damaged more by the friggin hospital than any darn motorcycle crack-up I ever had! Those folks , however good intentioned, really tried to kill me IMHO. They did not get me yet and as soon as it warms up a bit and I get adjusted to my new rat poison medicine, I am going riding !!
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Awww Hivel, what do them doctors know, right? :wink: :-D Well, ya better listen to 'em a little I reckon, guess they didn't go to med skool fer nut'n. :hammer: You gotta git some pics up when you git her done, I can't wait to see 'em. You take special care of yerself Hivel, and maybe, just maybe, I'll git down yer way this coming spring/summer and you and Devi can take me out on the town. :wink: :-D
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