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I've been following this site for a couple years and it's one of the best. I had a T100 2005 that I sold. It was a little tight for 2 up and I couldn't afford 2 bikes. I bought a 2009 Victory Kingpin Tour with the 100ci. motor, 6 speed trany, got the seat rebuilt by Russel (fantastic but pricey) w/ heated seats. This is Maine I'm writing from. It has a visceral presence, gobs of torque. The motor is OVH cams, 4 valve hydraulic lifters. I wish the brakes were better in front, like my Bonne had, like the new Tiger 800 has. I had looked at Triumph's Thunderbird but the Vic out played it. I am not a fan of gauges mounted on the tank, hard to see and I wanted a real tach.
Cheers and salutations.
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