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Hi Guys,

I did a search and couldn't find the answer.
Using the B020's one up, no luggage do I really need to use 36f/42r? That seems really high unless you're carrying a load.
Also, can I safely switch to B02's or Pilot Powers on my '07 ABS Sprint? Is the ABS calibrated for the exact diameter of the 020's and Metzler's?


(Sprint Newbie)
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Until recently, I was at 36F and 42R - partly because of the book and partly because I "read somewhere" that the rear might last longer.

Uurrm - I just changed to 34F and 36R after the rear was almost fully worn at 4,000 miles (stock BT020).

I like the ride at the new pressures and unequivocally recommend 34/36 ish. I agree that the 36/42 must be the max. Of course, as mentioned, a little experimentation is good for your particular riding conditions etc.

Take care - BB
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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