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Hi Guys,

I did a search and couldn't find the answer.
Using the B020's one up, no luggage do I really need to use 36f/42r? That seems really high unless you're carrying a load.
Also, can I safely switch to B02's or Pilot Powers on my '07 ABS Sprint? Is the ABS calibrated for the exact diameter of the 020's and Metzler's?


(Sprint Newbie)
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On 2006-12-17 02:13, Stlakid wrote:

YES! How this rumor got started is unclear. (to me anyway) But you can use ANY brand you wish that are the correct sizes. I like Avon's. Others here like the Z6's, and the real Hot Dogs (like DaveM) really like the Pilot Powers. Any of those will transform the handling of your bike over the 020's! We've been there already and most are amazed at how much better their Sprint handles with almost ANY tire other than the 020's on there.

It's the owners manual that strated this rumor. The owners manual states "Use BT020 or Metzler Roadtec Z6 only".
Like I said, unless the ABS is some how pre-programmed for those 2 exact diameter tires and any other diameters (same size tires from different manufacturers can vary quite a bit) screws up the ABS.
I'd hate to be stuck with just 2 tire combos.
I'll see if Triumph NA has other ideas. I already complained about the stupid seat attachment to them.


Thanks all you guys. Russ and all of you make perfect sense. When the 020's wear out, or I get tired of them whichever comes first, I'll put on a more high performance tire.
I'm going to reduce the pressures to 34/38 and see how that goes.
The Ducati recommended pressures for the B14's that came on my Monster are 31/32 which work just fine.
Triumph, as do all the car manufactures do these days, is recommend the max pressure to prevent law suits if the tire ever explodes from under inflation.

On 2006-12-17 15:09, DaveM wrote:
Thanks Stlakid,
you saved me from doing the broken record thing again! :-D :-D :-D

Good luck Ara, if you get bored you could always read the tyre sticky at the top of the page there is a lot of bumph about tyres there too.

Also there are reviews in the review section of this site see on the left hand bar under "features"

Davem :cool:
Thanks Dave,
I read most of the tire sticky, but I wasn't sure what percentage of those people had ABS or if ABS would be adversely affected by the various tire sizes.
It appears the consensus here is that it doesn't matter what tires you put on the bike as long as they are a matched pair.
Glad to hear.


Ara :)
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