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Hi Guys,

I did a search and couldn't find the answer.
Using the B020's one up, no luggage do I really need to use 36f/42r? That seems really high unless you're carrying a load.
Also, can I safely switch to B02's or Pilot Powers on my '07 ABS Sprint? Is the ABS calibrated for the exact diameter of the 020's and Metzler's?


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I had the same question when I got my RS. Unlike other bikes I'd had, there was no suggestion in the handbook of changing pressures for different loads. I contacted Bridgestone but they just quoted 36/42. I've been trying lower presssures as I too feel that 36/42 is too high for my solo riding. I suggest you read DaveM's post in the current "Steering damper on RS" thread. He's definitely clued up on tyres and talking sense. Like him, I don't take my bike out of the garage until I've checked the pressures with a decent gauge. I'm also not entirely convinced by the BT020's; certainly there's a large number of riders on this forum who prefer other brands. My front will be worn out by next summer, so I'll swap the pair then, probably for Avon Azaros (or their replacement Storm ST), Conti Road Attacks or Metzeler ZE6. There's lots of good tyre stuff on this forum. If it's round and black, Dave M has tested its suitability for a hard ridden ST!
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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