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Hi Guys,

I did a search and couldn't find the answer.
Using the B020's one up, no luggage do I really need to use 36f/42r? That seems really high unless you're carrying a load.
Also, can I safely switch to B02's or Pilot Powers on my '07 ABS Sprint? Is the ABS calibrated for the exact diameter of the 020's and Metzler's?


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Reprint from DaveM........

you are making the classic error that most people make "by the book" tyre pressures.

That is like saying here use these suspension settings out of this sports bike mag. One setting does NOT suit all.

Neither do tyre pressures and this has everything to do with how hard you ride and how heavy you are and how your suspenders are set up. And other stuff too.

I adjust and check my pressures prior to every ride, if I am two up I increase my pressures by approx 2 psi front and rear. I have a really good gauge and am anal about it.

Tyre pressure is critical for fast riding if you want to stay shiny side up.

Those pressures are for maximum load if you read your tyre side walls you will find that most modern sports touring tyres and sports tyres for your bike will state "Max Load blah blah and those pressures of 36 & 42" are almost uniform.

My opinion would be to experiment with your tyre pressure by lowering them.

I would also get advice from your local motorcycle tyre shop expert as to what you should run them at.

If I were you I would run no more than 36 rear 33 front for any sort of hard riding. This is what I run at, it is what two guys I know, who know a lot about tyres and racing and how I ride recommend for me & my riding style and it works well for me.
I am usually shod with sports or sports / race tyres.

IMHO and those of my advisor's if you ride hard to very hard regularly at your pressures as stated they are too high and you will get front end drift and twitchiness no matter what tyres you are riding on especially when accelerating hard out of sharp bends or high speed sweepers. Also at those maximum pressures you will not obtain maximum adhesion because of your cooler tyre temperature.(but your tyre will last longer)

I still say a steering damper is unnecessary on these bikes, they are not twitchy or super fast steering or light in the front end either.

Talk to a tyre expert and get professional advise and experiment is my opinion.

I apologise for the diatribe I can't help ranting at times.

I hope that is useful and you managed to stay awake


Also, can I safely switch to B02's or Pilot Powers on my '07 ABS Sprint? Is the ABS calibrated for the exact diameter of the 020's and Metzler's?
YES! How this rumor got started is unclear. (to me anyway) But you can use ANY brand you wish that are the correct sizes. I like Avon's. Others here like the Z6's, and the real Hot Dogs (like DaveM) really like the Pilot Powers. Any of those will transform the handling of your bike over the 020's! We've been there already and most are amazed at how much better their Sprint handles with almost ANY tire other than the 020's on there.

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