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I have a problem with checking correctly my Timing on 1982 t140e Bonnieville Twin
I dont see many like my bike.. it has a small inspection hole APPROX 30 MM DIA with a steel pointer marker that pointing at approximatly at 10 11 o clock and it at the top end of rotor
I have only two marks on the rotor and i do know which one is TDC but have no BTDC deg mark (ie: 38 deg mark?)
Q: do i set the strobe TIMING on the TDC for this particualr marker? > IM A BIT CONFUSED.... IS IT BECAUSE THERE ARE ONLY TWO MARKS ON THE ROTOR THAT ONE PRESUMABLY IS THE btdc 38 deg mark OR DO I HAVE TO FIND/CREATE AN ADDITIONAL MARK TO GET 38 DEG BTDC im not sure wher to go
sorry for yelling

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