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I need to look at he timing gears and can't free up the cover. The shop manual says to use tool D782. Is there a trick to get the cover off without it. Am I going in the right direction? See attached photo.

BTW thanks for the help with my other problems. I fear I may be in over my head.


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Hi Vinny,
I think the guys here can help keep your head above water.

The first thing is to get the gear lever out of the way.

Then you can deal with the advance unit:

You can see the unit is already threaded to screw in a removal tool, I think most people do not bother with the special tool.
If you do not have the tool, find a bolt that screws into the thread (5/16” unf), the longer the bolt the better.

You already have the fixing bolt removed, your new bolt is a bigger diameter.

Screw the bolt into the unit (not tight), hold the end of the bolt with mole grips or pliers and pull back hard. While the bolt is under tension give the tool that you are holding the bolt with a few sharp taps, (a spanner is ideal for tapping the bolt/tool with).
The blows should be outward rather than sideways, and should be sharp rather than hard.

This is located on a taper fit, so the tension combined with the shock should see the advance unit ‘pop’ off.

An alternative shown in this video will work if it proves stubborn.

The cover will either be easy to remove, or glued on with gasket sealant.
Tap around the edge with a rubber or plastic hammer to crack the gasket seal.
Do not be tempteed to:
A) use a lever in the gap between the two faces, is is very easy to ruin them both.
B) Hit the boss that tolds the pressure switch hard, it is easy to break.

Good Luck

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I took a 16d nail and cut the head off so I had a steel rod 2 and 3/8 inches long. Then stuck the rod in the hole and screwed the 5/16UNF bolt in until the advance unit popped off. Works slick as a whistle.

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It might be obvious, but disconnect the two wires to the points now before anything else. Beware that the centre timing gear will just drop out when removing the cover. if it does,you will have to reset the two cam wheels with the crank pinion using the marks on the gear wheels.. i would have two rubber seals ready for when you fit it back,noting the proper orientation of the seals.
Often, there is no gasket on the timing chest and it can be alright to refit without one. I use a paper gasket myself but many left the factory with just sealant.

Why do you need to look at the timing gears ?
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