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My bike is a carb 2007 T100 and I am a person that is not considered loaded with money.
To be honest I am quite in a bad finacial state.
The "I can not afford hagon nitros" financial state.
Up to now, my Christmas bonus was spent on a pair of side bags (2010), side crash bars (2011) and a givi windscreen (2013)
When my TPS went bad, I just cancelled it.
When my blinker fuse broke, I replaced it with a Korean one that fitted and my gear shift lever has a rubber from a Honda Cb250.
Hope this gives you an idea of how it feels to live in Greece for the last decade and be a victim of whatever is happening over here.
My bike has now 60.000 km on the clock and I really feel I should change my rear schocks...
150 euros for a used pair with no miles on them.
224 euros for a pair of Hagon Street
And as a special offer 360 euros a kit that consists from a pair of hagons street and two intimidators in the front (used with low mileage)
Average salary in Greece at the moment is 600 euros.
So in all seriousness, is the Hagon-intimidator kit worth the money?
The kind of money that will determine the duration of my vacation this summer?
Thank you in advance and sorry if this thread is lame.

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If you're on a budget, the Hagon Road shocks are a vast improvement over stock, and are only $220 US. You can find great deals on them. I picked up a black pair on the classifieds here for $125 US. I can't comment on the intimidators, but the progressive brand front springs I dropped in were only $100 US and tamed the front end dive, and greatly improved feedback from the front end.

Those two products come to 285 euro before shipping. There are great deals to be had. Check ebay. Good luck.
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