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A riding friend decided he had to sell his (BR) green '05 Tiger NOW and made me an offer I couldn't suddenly I am in Tigerland , but I'm learning that its far from a jungle. I rode the first two days for a couple hundred miles but the third was rained out. Today was perfect; officially 78F (~25C?) at the peak. I finally got Miss Kitty to what you in the Old Country might call "the twisty bits". My, but there is a difference.
She is compliant, oh, yes. Put her somewhere and that's where she stays...and so firm, and strong...quite different from the older ladies that can plod around but can't get up on their toes anymore. Something about those younger girls,eh? She is more willing than I am able, and that's a switch, but perhaps I can rise to the occasion in time. What started out as a one night stand has become more serious; there may be a shotgun wedding in the future. And I didn't even think about the lousy winscreen today.....we'll get to behavior modification later on, right now we're cruising....

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Way to go Capnjeff !

Addictive stuff isn't it :razz: Glad your new relationship shows signs of being more than a one night stand :cool:
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