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Tiger and KTM

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I've been reading all the responses from current Tiger owners based on the new Tiger - It seems that many of you wanted the new bike to keep the "off road" capability of the old. However, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the old Tiger (based on numerous reviews and comments that I read) was a very poor performer on anything but relatively smooth dirt and gravel roads.

IMHO, the new Tiger is everything the new Sprint should have been with the added bonus of better lean angles and a more relaxed seating position. To me it strikes a balance between Supermotard and Sport Touring. I will be ordering one in black for my canyon and sport touring rides.

As for my "get dirty" inclinations, I just picked up a new 2007 KTM 525 EXC. Looking at the options, if I really wanted an Adventure bike with off road capabilities I would buy one of the new KTM 990 Adventurers that are coming out next month. That bike can really handle some nasty stuff.

Looking forward to joining the ranks of the Tiger members in the coming months.
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Your absolutely right,non of the tigers have had any more off road ability than a honda VFR,haveing been in a situation some years ago i'm speaking from experience!!!,of course one has to define 'Off Road' i think a lot of peoplel consider forest tracks and fire breaks as off road!!!!

Were the problem is,all of the tigers have been good alrounders,i've spent several years and a lot of money building a tiger with better brakes,suspension,and 17" wheels,to make for me a bike that is even a greater alrounder,,the mistake Triumph have made,not only will they loose few that go e'r!!!! offroad,their going to loose a lot of people who ride two up,for the people who only ride one up there are plenty of other bikes to choose from thats for sure.

Triumph's concept is a good one,the problem being the mistake they've made with the rear end has turned what could been a really great alrounder into a toy.
Two things!! 100mph fast enough for anyone!! Oh yea is that a fact,the next time i do Barcelona in 16 hours and Valencia in a day and a half,and only drop below that figure going into service stations i'll remind my self.

The reason your mates can't do more than 20mph is very simple,they've got zero off road ability,haveing been faced a couple of years ago in central Spain of 40 klicks of 4" deep gravel on my Tiger and my mate on his VFR rideing it just well,tells me the bikes got sweet FA to do with it.

Always find it funny people talking about a offroading,Weston beach race?,Welsh 2 day Enduro,UK clubman Enduro championship,haveing spent ten years doing e'm thats offroading
It takes great skill!!! and even more concentration,rideing for that kind of distance for that amount of time,not a jot of fatigue and have had loads of people say 'I bet you were cream crackered' what did you do when you got home?? the pair of us watched a program on the box for an hour and a half!!!

Would i do it again?? probabaly not,it's a bit like climbing Everest people do because they can,i'm proud of doing it and so's my wife who was on the back,because i know most people couldn't do it!!!,but you can imagine the mirth when i read about how poor stock screens are and how much buffeting people supposedly get,when we did it on a stocker!!!

Every car you come up behind the first thing you have to do is look at the plate,depending what nationality denotes how your going to deal with them and how they'll react

It's no problem BT your not the first person to make that mistake,no matter were i am and what ever roads a i ride treat e'm all the same and apply myself accordingly.

You should try the same technic!! you'll fall of less!!!
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