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Tiger and KTM

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I've been reading all the responses from current Tiger owners based on the new Tiger - It seems that many of you wanted the new bike to keep the "off road" capability of the old. However, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the old Tiger (based on numerous reviews and comments that I read) was a very poor performer on anything but relatively smooth dirt and gravel roads.

IMHO, the new Tiger is everything the new Sprint should have been with the added bonus of better lean angles and a more relaxed seating position. To me it strikes a balance between Supermotard and Sport Touring. I will be ordering one in black for my canyon and sport touring rides.

As for my "get dirty" inclinations, I just picked up a new 2007 KTM 525 EXC. Looking at the options, if I really wanted an Adventure bike with off road capabilities I would buy one of the new KTM 990 Adventurers that are coming out next month. That bike can really handle some nasty stuff.

Looking forward to joining the ranks of the Tiger members in the coming months.
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On 2006-11-03 01:43, winger wrote:
Your absolutely right,non of the tigers have had any more off road ability than a honda VFR
actually, the old triumph tiger also has rather poor off-road capabilities. all it would take is five minutes on a real dirt bike to convince you of this ...

bikes of the tiger's ilk are the jeep grand cherokees of the two-wheel world. they look tough but in essence they are comfortable sportbikes.

you can certainly take them off road ... but only gingerly. just like most any other street bike.
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