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Have you had a similar issue?

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Well...another "fault" on the Tiger.
Well, let me explain. Originally, my bike had a faulty Gear Position Sensor, whick turned out to be just a bad connector. The terminals inside were all bent and ducked up, so the whole sensor was replaced to prevent further issues. (It was swapped about a week ago.)
However, during one of the many trips to the dealer (I'll leave the whole story here. ) I noticed the TC would fail, as in warning light on saying TC was not working. At a stop light, I turned the bike off (it had less than 120 miles, so it was kind of hot and I didn't want the bike to iddle for too long). When I turned it on again, everything was fine.
So, I told the technician.
An error (I don't have the exact code) came on:
"Internal IMU signal error."
Tech said it could be due to the GPS issue. Erased the code and went to work.

The bike has, as of now, about 1300 km (around 800 miles) and everything had been fine for the last 600 km until now. The same issue showed itself again.

Today, I had been playing with several of the riding modes. Mainly switching between "road" and "sport". At some point, I got into some mud, and got the bike into "offroad". Then, throughout the rest of the day, kept playing between "road" and "sport". Turned the bike completely off (from the key) bout 4-5 times and got to my hotel. When moving the bike, turned it on and the TC light came on saying there was an issue. Weird, but it is about my 4th time noticing it. So, turned the bike off with the key, then back on again.

So, has anyone else experienced this? My guess is that it may be a software issue, given how turning the bike off and on again it. I'll give the dealer a call (as I'm in a middle of a trip) to let them know what happened, so he can make a report or something.
It is rare, and seems to happen if you specifically cycle through off-road or off-road-pro modes.
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