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Tiger 855i Hagon Fork Springs 2" Shorter Than Standard?

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Have just removed front forks on my 99 855i to fit Hagon progressive springs. A couple of questions 1) the Hagon's seem to be about 2" shorter than those fitted - is this normal? (yes I've checked the box and they are the right ones...) and 2) what weight oil i.e. 15 or 10 - I'm 270 lb so I guess the heavier weight would be a good bet?

Next step, fit the Hagon monoshock - but not until I've got the front end sorted first.


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Hi Haggis,

Thanks for the response - I actually spoke to Hagon today (nice guys) and they seem a bit confused themselves as to why they's changed the spec of the item themsleves in 2010! Previously their stock item was the same length as the OEM spring but the new item (and current stock listing) is definitely 45mm shorter. No, I didn't get any tubes with the kit, so I've just popped down to my local metal stockist and grabbed some off-cut pipe of the same OD to make longer spacers if that's the cure (as seems likely). I'll post how I get on and cheers again. Dave
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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